The primary mission of the dryGrow Foundation is to combat water scarcity challenges experienced by farmers and communities living in semi-arid and arid regions through sustainable practices, efficient water management, and enhanced agricultural yield without exhausting water resources.

dryGrow Foundation undertakes several initiatives aimed at achieving its mission. These include carrying out water efficiency audits, providing leak detection services, designing and implementing sustainable irrigation systems, setting up rainwater harvesting infrastructure, and promoting cactus farming as an alternative, water-efficient crop.

In its quest to promote water conservation and management practices, dryGrow Foundation offers services such as water audits that help identify areas for improving water use efficiency, leak detection that flags up and eliminates water wastage, designing sustainable irrigation systems that use water optimally, and installing infrastructure for harvesting rainwater to supplement available water resources.

dryGrow Foundation has implemented several strategies that have improved water efficiency. These range from conducting thorough water audits to detect wastage and suggesting measures for reduction to detecting and rectifying leaks in water supply systems, design of irrigation systems that use water sustainably, and installation of infrastructure for rainwater harvesting to utilize rainwater effectively.

dryGrow Foundation provides robust support to communities and farmers in semi-arid and arid regions. This includes offering water conservation services to ensure water is used effectively, promoting the use of cactus farming as a drought-resistant, water-efficient fodder crop, providing guidance on setting up cactus farms and monitoring their growth, and designing and implementing sustainable irrigation systems that optimize the use of water resources.