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The dryGrow Foundation is revolutionizing agriculture in arid regions by harnessing the power of the Opuntia cactus for sustainable fodder production. Driven by our mission to cultivate resilient communities, we recognize the exceptional qualities of this traditional food and water source for both animals and people. Embracing the hardy and abundant nature of the cactus, we aim to promote its low-cost and easy-to-grow benefits, paving the way for a sustainable and thriving future in the world’s driest regions.

drygrow foundation

About Our Foundation

Who We Are
dryGrow Foundation is a non profit organisation with an aim to transform current agricultural practices in the semi-arid regions as we know it today.

Our mission is to utilize adaptive plants and cutting-edge methods to improve the livelihoods of people and facilitate resilient communities in semi-arid regions.

We envision the semi-arid areas with a vibrant agroecology, where plants, animals and human beings live in harmony. With our diverse backgrounds, we are able to think outside the box of conventional agriculture for a sustainable future.

What We Do
Through engaging in research with universities, and cooperating with other organisations and interested individuals our intention is to:

Organize and finance research and develop techniques to optimise Opuntia and Nopales cactus harvesting. Use reliable techniques and cactus varieties for best results.

Engage with communities in arid regions to help facilitate harvesting for animal fodder.

Transfer knowledge and management know-how.

we micropropagate

We're here for You!

Our micro-propagation laboratory in Sicily is equipped with all materials needed for sterile in vitro cultivations. What do we produce? Our specialized production is mainly concentrated in the production of varieties of the genus Opuntia and Nopalea. Varieties that are currently in production refers both to the production of cladodes (pads-biomass-fodder) and for production of the fruit. The varieties for the production of fodder are of Brazilian origin: Gigante and Orelha de elefante mexicana and others, varieties for the production of the fruit are those from Sicily: the White, Red and Yellow.

What is micro-propagation Micro-propagation is the technique which allows the propagation of plants vegetatively starting from small ex-plants that can be represented by individual cells or groups of cells or tissue fractions of organs of plants that are to be multiplied. Micro-propagation allows to obtain quickly a large number of identical plants between them selves , and to the mother plant, this presents itself as an alternative to the conventional propagation and in the current nursery fruit this is a widely tested technique. time; Health and uniformity of the obtained materials; The produced multiplicated material can be preserved for a relatively long period.


Meet them All

Road to the top was difficult but we would not be here without all the friends that trusted us. We would like to say thank you so much!


Only Best Stories

The best stories are those that really happened.
Adriana Santoncito

Who is Adriana Santanocito?

Adriana Santanocito is the CEO and co-founder of Ohoskin, the innovative startup that developed the patented coated fabric made from industrial by-products of oranges and prickly pears.

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How to make Nopal Flour

Harvest the cladodes: Collect young, tender cladodes from the Opuntia cactus. Wear gloves to protect your hands from the spines. Remove spines and glochids: Use a knife

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What is Micropropagation

In the past few decades of Micropropagation, plant tissue culture has dramatically impacted agriculture. In this method of plant propagation, an individual cell is taken from an

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San Cono’s Secret

The secret of San Cono lies in its fertile soil, which is ideal for growing crops like prickly pear and citrus fruits. A place steeped in history

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University research

dryGrow ask’s – Are You part of a university or research institution… dryGrow passionate about sustainable agriculture and combating the challenges faced by communities in dry regions?

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Get involved

Get involved by creating a sustainable future – In the face of growing challenges in arid regions, the dryGrow Foundation is dedicated to providing adaptive plants and

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Geographical Areas-Resources

Geographical Areas-Resources Opuntia ficus-indica are native to many environments, ranging from desert areas below sea level to high- altitude areas such as the Peruvian Andes and from

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Donations: dryGrow is committed to helping communities, increase food security and alleviate poverty. Your gift enable us to increase our capability to serve those in need across

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